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  Shop Around
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How To Use Our Website

You can quickly navigate to the different tips using the menu on the left hand side. At the bottom of each 'tips page' we also have a link to go to the next or previous tip.

More about the service.

Are We Trying To Save The Planet?
No! Even if every driver in Britain put the tips on our website into practice it still wouldn't even have the slightest effect on reducing global warming. The idea of saving petrol is so you can have more money in your pocket to spend on other things. The environment is hugely important and it is great if this website can do its bit to help but the main purpose is to save you money.

Isn't Our Website A Bit Late?
All major car manufacturers are now working on powering cars using alternative methods including electricity and hydrogen. However many of us will still not own these cars for many years to come yet. Perhaps many of us will be still driving petrol and diesel cars for many years (and even decades) to come. For this reason our website is still very relevant and worthwhile.

Do you offer anything else?
You will find other tips and advice on this site, if we know a way to help people save money on motoring then we will go with it and throw something up. So keep a beady eye for more stuff whilst you are floating about.