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Shell FuelSave Day - July 2010

This is a special report by Chris, the founder, about the Shell FuelSave event with Freddie Flintoff at the Daytona Track in Esher on July 20th 2010.

Freddie FlintoffFirst off - What is it?
FuelSave replaces the old Unleaded and Diesel fuels available on Shell forecourts. It costs the same. However it will allow you to save up to 1 litre per tank (based on a 50litre tank).

How does it work? - Unleaded
On the day we had a couple of excellent demonstrations which clearly explained how it achieves the improvements in engine consumption.

The first demonstration contained 2 pistons on a slope, one released using FuelSave and the other with their previous generation of Unleaded. As they were released you could clearly see the piston with FuelSave did it dramatically quicker.

So how does this help? It reduces the amount of lost energy from the engine, the new fuel reaches places normal engine oils can't easily reach, hence the easier movement of the piston head with FuelSave.

We also had a demonstration of the 'inlet values' (these are what allow fuel and air to enter the cylinder), the new fuel helps to keep them clean, insuring an even spray from the valves, whereas dirty valves mean an irregular spray pattern.

How does it work? - Diesel
It ignites and burns more effectively than regular diesel, the result is improved combustion in the engine, this saves fuel. As with the petrol it also helps protect against the build up of deposits on engine parts.

Driving Tips with Freddie Flintoff
The England cricketer has teamed up with Shell to launch the new fuels. He has been learning how to improve his own consumption rate. The results: first time out he achieved 4.5miles from 1 litre, with the new advice he managed 13.2miles, a massive improvement! You can take Freddies Challenge online at to see if you can improve your efficiency.

On the day I had the pleasure of being driven around the Daytona track by Freddie for a few laps, it was in a 1.4l VW Golf (completely normaly car, nothing modified on it). First showing HOW NOT to drive efficiently, and then HOW TO drive efficiently. With the help of an on-board computer you could clearly see the difference.

Overall it was an excellent morning. And I genuinely believe the FuelSave products are a step forward and are good for consumers.