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Motorbike insurance: combining car and bike insurance

Insurance can be a costly and galling business, where we part with our money for no tangible gain. We treat a policy as a bare necessity and when things go wrong we often find that we aren’t covered for practical needs. With Carole Nash motorbike insurance, this isn’t so much the case.

Carole Nash motorbike insurance offers an array of practical money saving features. For example, many of us own both a car and a motorbike, with the bike being more of a secondary vehicle or even vice versa. Shelling out for insurance for both sets of transport is particularly expensive and often involves two separate companies. Carole Nash is a specialist motorbike insurance company who have devised a ‘Six Wheel’ policy, where you combine both your car insurance and motorbike insurance in order to make substantial savings. Any biker who drives a car – of which there are many – needs to be a ware of such schemes as they could be surprised by the savings on these combination deals. Carole Nash claims that you will make a guaranteed minimum of £50 saving on such a deal.

The savings to be made by combining insurance policies are obvious, and because motorbike insurance is a specialist business with often high premiums, the ‘six wheel’ scheme is a real rarity. Many brokers today are slightly faceless in the sense that they may offer quotes over a search engine; person-to-person contact is minimal or non existent, so getting a deal on all your vehicles combined can be difficult.

Carole Nash is a motorbike insurance specialist but it will also offer reasonable car insurance as well, making it a fairly unique proposition. To find out their range of cover you can go on their website, or rather refreshingly, you can ring their free-phone UK call centre. Personal human interaction is vital in a complex and costly business like insurance. If you own a bike and a car, Carole Nash motorbike insurance could potentially make a significant saving on your combined premium.