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The Maths - How Much Money Can You Save?

Here are the figures that we use to illustrate how much money can be saved by implementing our free tips. This is a real life example based on a Ford Fiesta 1.4l petrol.

From the figures you can see using our tips the driver now gets an extra 77 miles per tank, this is a massive increase and over a full years driving represents a significant saving in the amount spent on petrol.

How Are The Figures Worked Out?
The figures are from a real life example. The car was a 1.4l Ford Fiesta on a 2008 plate which was doing 35mpg, after implementing the tips the driver was getting 43mpg, an improvement of 23%.

The Fiesta has a 45 litre tank, the driver fills up when the tank still has around 5 litres in. The petrol price was 118p per litre (July 2008), so 40 litres costs £47.20. The improvement in CO2 is based on the ActOnCO2 figure of an 8% improvement by implementing the tips, therefore it is not 100% accurate.

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