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Fuel Prices Map

On this page you can quickly and easy find out the prices of local fuel stations in your area. The prices on the interactive map are updated on diffferent dates, so make sure you read the dates after the prices to check they are very recent.

To check the prices where you live enter your location into the box in the top-left of the map. If you know of any figures that are wrong you can update them yourself with the correct data.

Search for Petrol Prices in other areas.

Remember; when working out the costs of a full tank in your car based on what each garage is charging, factor in the distance to get to that particular forecourt. If you go past the cheapest on your way to work then that is great, no extra mileage. But if you have to go to the other side of your city to save 1p per litre, you may use a certain amount of extra fuel just getting their that in actual fact it is not financially beneficial.

How much money will this save me?
There are obviously so many factors at play it is impossible to say, you may already be shopping at the cheapest station near you! To work out at a rough estimate calculate the difference between what you currently pay per litre, and what the cheapest place is, and then multiply that by how many litres your tank holds. Then you know the saving per tank, and can then mutiply it by how many times you fill up in a set period EG 12 months.

What other things are their to consider?
Also remember loyalty schemes, for example if you get Tesco Clubcard points, or Nectar at Sainsburys, then long-term those benefits may make it worthwhile paying half a penny more at those particular garages. And also how much you enjoy using a particular forecourt, some have much better/faster pumps then others and also less queues so you may be happy to pay an extra 50p per tank to get a better service. Weigh up everything to decide what is best for you.

Thanks for using this free interactive fuel prices map tool today. Don't forget to return in the future to keep seeing where is the best value for money.