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Best Time To Buy Petrol - In Evening/Night


Note: there is no solid stats or conclusive research to prove this info. We have been told this tip but have found no evidence to support it.

It is best to buy your fuel when the temperatures are at their coolest, this is because Petrololine becomes denser in colder temperatures. Petrol pumps measure the volume of fuel that you pump and not the actual density. Simply put, this means if you fill up your petrol tank at the times of the day when it is coolest (morning and evening), then you will be getting better petrol price economy! And of course you will also miss the rush hours meaning you have to spend less time at the station.

Different petrol stations in different countries may store their petrol in different sorts of tanks, so some petrol may not be exposed to different temperatures meaning you can't benefit from the temperature changes. Another problem is you may have to get up slightly earlier to fill up in the morning!

Image credit: sxc / cema 2009.