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Compare Petrol Prices By Shopping Around

Compare Petrol Prices

Shopping around for petrol can actually save you a quite a bit of money. You can drive around within a few miles from your house to every petrol station and write down the price of the petrol or diesel you use. Then all you have to do is compare petrol prices and shop at the cheapest petrol station. Alternatively, just use, much quicker, much easier! PetrolPrices is a site worth using regularly.

Often the difference in prices can be more than you would have thought. Across the UK for unleaded petrol the price can actually range upto 15p!

Money You Could Save
    - Your regular stations unleaded price is 102.1p
    - You switch to a station 2 miles away, unleaded price is 99.8p
    - This is a saving of 2.3p per litre
    - Your car has a 40 litre tank
    - You save 92p every time you fill up
    - On average you fill up twice a month this amounts to £1.84
    - Over the year you save £22.08

Ok, so an extra £22 a year in your back pocket is not going to change much in your life, but in real terms it is still a few extra beers at christmas down the pub. Or alternatively every time you fill the car up, you could buy yourself a bag of sweets!

The price of petrol is constantly changing and you don't want to end up on regular cruises to your local stations as this will waste petrol cancelling out the gains. However there is a way to get round this, just visit PetrolPrices and enter your postcode, very useful to site to use each month.

If the cheapest petrol station is a couple of miles out of your way then obviously you will use extra petrol going the extra distance, so it may not be worth it if the price is only 0.1p cheaper. If possible the station should be on a route you often go (to work, relatives etc).

Image credit: Some rights reserved by Martoneofmany