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Buy Shell Fuelsave

Garage that sells Shell FuelSave

This is one of the easiest tips to do! Shell have replaced their previous Unleaded and Diesel fuels with their new FuelSave Unleaded and Diesel.

They say it can save you upto 1 litre per tank, yet it costs no more then their previous generation of fuels. It can only be purchased from Shell forecourts, which are already very competitively priced with the supermarkets.

It is suitable for everyone so can be used by car drivers, motorcyclists, van men and truck drivers.

Money You Could Save
This one is easy to work out! Let's say you fill up your tank full, once per week, and you manage to save 1 litre per tank. If over a year the average price you pay is £1.10 at the pumps, you will save £57.20 over the year.

No extra time/effort needed on your part, and you make a reasonable saving. Also remember the long-term benefits of it keeping parts of your engine cleaner. Certainly a good result.

The only issue may be if you live in an area where there are no Shell forecourts nearby. In which case the savings you would make would be cancelled out by the extra distance you have to travel. But for the vast majority of people there should be no problems.

Image used owned by Shell, downloaded from their Media Centre.