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Multitask Your Jobs To Reduce Journeys

Multiple Hands

We all have to do journeys in our cars to different places so we can do different things EG go to work, visit a friend, go shopping, pick the kids up and so on. By putting some of these journeys together we can reduce the amount we do, reducing petrol used and saving us money!

Making a specific journey just to get petrol is a waste of money and your time. The first thing to do is work out when you go near the petrol station that you use, it may be on the way to work, or when you do your weekly shopping. Decide when you are going to fill your car up and then every week do it then, EG on a friday after work. You may be in the habit of filling up when you need to, but this way you will save a journey, even if you are only putting in £15 petrol each time.

You should also try to condense down other journeys into each other. So if you go to visit your mum every wednesday evening, why not then do the shopping afterwards, instead of on a thursday night. Once again saving you petrol and money.

    - You normally do a 4 mile round trip to the petrol station once a week
    - You now go on friday after work, the journey does require you going one mile out of your way
    - You still save yourself 3 miles a week, 12 miles a month

    - You normally visit your mum on Wednesdays which is an 8 mile round trip
    - You normally go shopping on Thursdays which is a 6 mile round trip
    - Now you do both on the wednesday evening, the station is on the way to your mums, so your
    total trip is only an 8 mile round trip
    - You save yourself 6 miles a week, 24 miles a month

The amount you personally save will obviously vary a lot from other people so its hard to give exact figures, but using the example above you can see what we are getting at. In the example you would reduce your driving by 9 miles a week, 36 miles per month! This is a few pounds worth of petrol, not to mention the extra time you get!

It may mean you have to spend less time doing each activity EG only spend 2 hours at your mums instead of 3 hours. Apart from that it's all good!

Image credit: sxc / johnnyberg 2010.