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Car Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

If your tyres appear to be unevenly worn then you should get your car checked out by a mechanic because the wheels made need to be correctly aligned. Uneven wear is the best sign that your wheels are not correctly aligned. Improper alignment affects the handling of your car and increases fuel consumption.

If you think your car wheels need to be aligned then you should give your local garage or dealer a call to see what they say, it shouldn't cost much more than £50. If it sounds to expensive and you have your next service coming up soon you could double check with them then about the wheel alignment. Remember again that we are talking about the overall maintenance of your car, so it not only affects you petrol consumption but also your driving experience and value when you come to sell the car.

You may not have the money spare now to get it done, if you haven't got the money it will have to wait but it is recommended you get it done as soon as possible.

Image source: Some rights reserved by Wei Hsin Li.