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BP Ultimate, Great Benefits - But Is It Worth It?

BP Ultimate is a range of fuels offered by BP. There is Ultimate Unleaded, Ultimate Diesel and also Ultimate 102 for highly tuned vehicles. They cost more than normal petrol or diesel but they have added benefits!

More Miles Per Tank
Filling up with BP Ultimate Unleaded can get you upto an extra 28 miles per tank. Over 12,000 miles that could mean upto 820 extra miles. Whilst the BP Ultimate Diesel can get you an extra 22 miles per tank. With the unleaded the average improvement in consumption is 3.1% (upto 6.9%) and with the diesel the average improvement is just 1.0% (upto 3.0%).

Cleans Your Engine
Both the diesel and unleaded have cleaning properties which help keep your engine clean as you drive. This allows the engine to run more smoothly and efficiently. Compared to normal fuels this stops the deposits on engine components which can reduce the performance of your engine.

Increase in Power
Using the BP fuels results in sharper acceleration and more power. The unleaded improves acceleration times by an average of 3.0% (maximum 5.2%) and an average 3.8% improvement in your engines power (maximum 7.1%). The diesel improves acceleration times by an average of 2.2% (maximum 7.9%) and results in an average engine power improvement of 2.8% (maximum 8.2%).

Is It Worth It?
The BP range of fuels does cost more than ordinary fuels, to find out how much more you need to locate your nearest garage selling BP. You can do this on the BP website. You need to weigh up how much more it is going to cost you to fill up and how much further it is going to get you.

Using the BP range also has long-term benefits. The engine should last longer because it is better maintained, and if the engine is in good condition it should be easier to sell and you could even be able to get a better price for the car.

Our Recommendation
We would recommend you do the maths to work out how much more it will cost to fill up, test out the fuel and record how many more miles you get and see whether you think it is worth using it regularly. For the best results you have to use it regularly so bear that in mind when deciding whether to start using BP Ultimate.