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Car Sharing and Alternative Transport

General Driving

Going to work is one of the major uses of the car for many people. If you have a colleague who lives close by you could start car sharing, this is where you take it in turn to drive to work, this way you will reduce the amount of petrol you use going to work by half!

This is a great way to quickly save a lot of cash. And if more people start doing it then long-term it would help towards easing congestion slightly, meaning faster, more pleasant journeys for us all.

Other Methods
You should also consider other types of alterative transport for when going places. Instead of driving to town every saturday you should look into the cost and convenience of going by bus, train, bicycle or even walking if you live close by. Maybe none of these are convenient, but you won't know until you've looked so do your research.

With car sharing the person who you car share with may annoy you, just try and remember the money they are saving you! Going by bus or train may not be as nice as being in the comfort of your own car but it could save you quite a bit of money. You maay also need to be slightly more flexible with times.

Related Resources
Here are a couple of great websites where you can sign-up and potentially find other people doing the same or similar journey as yourself. They are free to use so no worries about the cost, only potential savings.

If you know of any other similar services like this we would love to here about them as we believe it is a growing area and are keen to track the progress of the idea.

Image credit: Some rights reserved by tristanf.