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BP At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed - July 2008

This is a special report by Chris, the founder, from the Goodwood Festival Of Speed on July 11th 2008.

BP kindly invited me down to the Goodwood Festival of Speed for their 'Drive Greener and Save Money experience'. BP are launching their new 'Drive Greener' global initiative to help everybody learn how to drive more efficiently, reduce unnecessary emissions and cut costs.

The Technology Pavilion
The first stop was a tour of the 'Technology Pavilion', this was an exhibition of eco friendly models from major car manufacturers. It included the stunning new Land Rover LRX concept which is made of sustainable resources. Land Rover haven't yet confirmed whether they will produce the car (we all know they will!) but if they do it would have a 2.0l diesel hybrid engine under the bonnet which would emit only 120g/km of C02 and would return around 50mpg if driven efficiently.

Other cars on show included the Citroen C-Metisse, Nissan Denki Cube, Honda CR-Z, Volkswagen Up!, Tesla Roadster, Opel Flextreme, Hyundai Qarma and Morgan LifeCar. Please see photos of the cars at the bottom of the page.

The major car manufacturers are pumping massive amounts of money into development of these new models and it was great to see that not only can the cars help to solve the current problems we face, but they also look pretty damn good as well!

Green Driving Test Simulator
Our next stop was a driving simulator. BP have developed a green driving test called 'BP Ultimate GDT Driver'. You drive through the gears over 4 different stages and it records how fuel efficient you are driving. Once complete it gives a breakdown of how you did including how much money you could potentially save by improving your green driving techniques. My results showed over 10,000 miles I could save a whopping £1,500 by improving the way I drive, other peoples came out far worse!

On the BP website they have a small section about the green driving test with a link so you can be notified by email when the challenge is live. I recommend you sign-up for it so you get the chance to see how much you could save by changing your driving techniques.

A Chat With Quentin Willson
After some very nice champagne and a bite to eat Quentin Willson came down to see us for a chat. Quentin has teamed up with BP to help push their 'Drive Greener' campaign. We discussed the current situation and how much of an impact we can all have by saving fuel, not only on our wallets but also on the level of C02 we emit. It was great to meet Quentin and gave me even more belief and understanding in why lowering our level of fuel usage is so important. Having such a respectable and well-known figure behind the campaign should really help and it was a real pleasure to talk to him.

Overall it was a really good day and I believe what BP are doing will make a worthwhile difference. The car manufacturers have some brilliant new concepts which hopefully will be feasible (with the Government's help!) as full production models in the years to come. In the meanwhile we can all take action to lower our spend on diesel and petrol helping ourselves and the environment.

Chris with Quentin Willson outside the Technology Pavilion
Chris Satchwell and Quentin

Here are photos of the cars being developed by manufacturers as mentioned above. Move your mouse over the images for the names of the cars.

Many thanks to BP, Quentin Willson and everyone who looked after us on the day.

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