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Want to save money on your fuel bills?

Welcome to this website that can help you save fuel (diesel or petrol) and spend less! We show you 20 great tips on how to lower your consumption and other ways to cut the cost of motoring.

Please navigate to tips using the options on the left.

For more info on using the site please visit the How To page, alternatively you can go straight to the First Tip and begin reading. Many drivers could save up to £480 per year so read carefully.

Save Fuel

Popular Questions & Answers

Are the tips for drivers with petrol engines only?
No, the majority of tips stand true for petrol and diesel drivers.

Are we trying to save the planet?
The main target for this website is people who want to save money. The difficult economic conditions obviously playing a part in that. However we all need to make small strides towards improving our planet and making it more sustainable. It sure needs improving, look at the billions of people still suffering around the globe! In hundreds of years it would be great to see a cleaned up earth, full of happy life, which is sustainable. Not an earth getting more and more polluted with more and more people in poverty and ill health, and money being thrown at problems but not solving them (basically the position we are at today). The way we go about solving the worlds problems need to be reinvented.

So although this websites core aim isn't to reduce greenhouse gases and help the planet I believe the website is a great creation because it has multiple benefits. People can save money, so they can spend it on other things that can make them happy, the air can be a little less polluted making the earth a better place which everyone benefits from, and this website can also make a few people a little bit of money towards their income - there are hosting company bills, domain name fees and as the owner I make a bit of beer money from advertising you may see on the site. So there are environmental benefits, social benefits (people who save money will be happier) and financial benefits (it helps a few peoples incomes in the UK) to this website existing.

Individually the benefits may be very small, microscopic in fact in the bigger picture. But imagine if more people were entrepreneurial like this and helped improve the earth, themselves and others in one swoop. Together a huge difference could be made.

Save The Earth

How much money can be saved?
It depends on what car you drive & how you currently drive it. Everyone can make some savings. See the maths pic above for a real life example of savings.

Can companies also save money?
Yes, as long as individual workers are told the tips. Companies who own a fleet of vehicles will want to do all they can to save on petrol costs, as these can escalate quite easily.

Can I save good money on my car insurance too?
Yes, many people make big savings by shopping around to find the best quote. This is a well known tactic and is already well covered on the internet so we won't cover it for now. But may do in the future.

*The figures for "the maths of saving petrol" are based on a 2008 Ford Fiesta 1.4l Petrol, read more on our maths page.

If you wish to contribute to this resource and know more things that we don't then please get in touch. All claims must be backed up by some kind of evidence to support them. Together we can all achieve lower driving expenses.


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