How To Become A Certified Electrician in the UK

When you need to be a certified electrician in UK, you should understand the necessary qualifications needed when making an informed choice. However, with a guide, you will always understand on the things to do when becoming a certified electrician. Here is a guide on how to be a certified electrician:

  1. Have passion in the career as an electrician

When you do want to be an electrician, you need to understand whether you have passion needed to be the best in the UK market. Having passion to work for other people is key when you need to be successful in the career working as an electrician. When you need to be in an electrician, you should understand what it takes whenever you are looking for ways to be an electrician. You must have dedication needed to be the best in the job.

  1. Know the requirements needed for certification

You should look for an institution that offer training in the following courses:

  • Electrical Installation Buildings & Structures.
  • Electrical Maintenance training
  • Installing Instrumentation and Associated Equipment.
  • Installing Public Lighting Systems and Associated Equipment.
  • Electrotechnical Panel Building training
  • Electrical Machine Repair & Rewind

With this, you will be sure that you would get the needed training for career growth especially when you will be the best in the UK.

  1. Apply for qualification

When you need to work an electrician within UK, you must acquire the market recognized “level 3” diplomas in the relevant areas. The following are some of accepted qualifications are:

  • A Level 3 Diploma in the Electro-technical Services especially Electrical Maintenance
  • A Level 3 Diploma in the Installing Electro-technical Systems and Equipment (Structures, Buildings and the Environment)
  • A Level 3 Diploma in the Electrical Installations especially (Buildings & Structures) if you need to take part in the Apprenticeship

However, you need to make sure that the course you choose is certified whenever you are looking for ways to be in your career. Never should you choose those courses that are not certified since you would be bared from offering these services in other areas. Within UK, the market has many certified institutions that you will offer you the training you need. You should read the reviews of the institutions that offer these services when planning to get the education to enable you get the best training. In the end, you will always be the best when offering these electricity installation services for the people who need in the market.

  1. Accredit yourself with a recognized official body

Once you become a qualified electrician, you should get a gaining accreditation to make you a competent person in the career. The main recognized bodies within the UK are:


When you apply for these bodies, they examine, certify and assess contractors before awarding you the needed certification to prove that you are competent in your work. You should never start working before getting the certification you need when planning to be the best in the UK market.

In conclusion, the information will enable you understand the process of becoming a certified electrician and the necessary qualifications.

Does an electrician in the United Kingdom earn attractive money from his job?

Electricians in the UK earn good money from their job. Though the salary of an electrician varies from place to place in the United Kingdom, but the income is more or less satisfthe

ied in this job. People do not need electrician every day. But whenever they need, they need immediately and also pay a good amount of money for this job. And in the UK, a self-employed electrician gets more money than an employee of some organization. A self-employed electrician at the Island Electrician iow in the UK charges £ 20 to 25 per hour and he also gets enough work to meet the demands of his day to day expenditure, and an employed electrician gets the salary according to the organization’s pay scale that depends on place, experience, and education.

electrician salary

An average hourly salary of an electrician in the UK is £11.68. The range of hourly salary varies from person to person depending on experience, skill and place. In some of the cities like London, Manchester, Brighton, Edinburgh and Birmingham, one can expect a much higher price in comparison to other cities. Here are the hourly salary rates of different categories of electricians in London.

  • A trainee electrician in London gets an hourly salary of £12.76, on an average.
  • An approved electrician is capable of earning £14.57
  • A site electrician is able to get an hourly salary of £16.40

How much an electrician can earn per year across the United Kingdom

Here are the average salaries of the electricians in the major regions of the United Kingdom

  • In London, the average salary is £36,028.14 per year
  • In Portsmouth, the expected salary per year is £32,364.26
  • In Bristol, the average salary of an electrician per annum is £32,669.58
  • In Manchester, an electrician gets an average annual salary of £29,005.70
  • In Birmingham, an electrician earns an annual average income of £27,173.77
  • And the national average annual income of an electrician in the United Kingdom is £30,500.00

The above figure shows that the expected UK electrician salaries in every region are not same and it varies significantly from one place to another. And the outcome will be different if one compares the earning of a self-employed electrician with the electricians who have employed in some companies.

How much a self-employed electrician earn in the United Kingdom:

A self-employed electrician charges more than an electrician of any company in the United Kingdom. He charges money for travelling, materials and also for a time. Most of the electrician charge between £ 20 to 25 depending on the level of work and location. And the success of the self-employed electrician depends on two factors first his skill and the second is promotion medium. If one is able to promote his business well then he will definitely be able to earn more money as an electrician in the UK.

Expected UK electrician salaries are mostly satisfying and the job is also more demanding. This job provides better opportunities as here people do not need to wait for weekly and monthly payment. And they will also earn handsome money soon after the work is done. This process is suitable both for the employer and employee.